Oddity Interactive, previous home of Oddity Engine 1 and 2 is now moving its resources into supporting assets for use with the Unity Engine. While Focus is still on virtual and augmented reality for real-time applications, being Unity is so robust in its implementation as well as its customizable nature, it was the best move going forward. I  also have to say one of the richest communities I have ever seen as far as helpfulness and openness among its members, which I think is really something special.

Current work is being done to create a point cloud render, using the unity engine, that when combined with virtual and augmented reality should be a big move forward for users that specialize in point cloud data or do installation works. So keep an eye out for that in the current works page.

Previous works, of my personal projects, where two game engines written in c++ under directx 9 and 11. However being I just want to make interactive experiences, I have moved away from engine work to focus on more rewarding tasks, being such great alternatives are available. But writing my own engines, was a joy and great experience.